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Step 1. The Enrollment Form

Welcome to the first step in your child’s transformative journey with The Dream Academy. This enrollment form is designed for parents and guardians to share essential information about their aspiring Dreamer. By completing this form, you are providing our Leadership Team with the critical details needed to consider your child for our enriching academic and professional development program.

Our enrollment process is thorough and thoughtful, ensuring that each applicant receives the consideration they deserve. We look forward to learning more about your child’s aspirations, strengths, and areas where we can support their growth. The Dream Academy is committed to nurturing each student’s potential in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Enrollment Form

Student Personal Information

Note: Parent/Guardian must complete this application and sign this form as indicated.

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information

Authorized Pick-up List

Medical Details

Transportation / Permissions

Discipline Policy

- Verbal Warning: The student is given a warning or reminder. The staff member will explain to the student the rule that has been broken and the consequences if the behavior continues.

- Withdraw Privileges: If the behavior is repeated, the child will lose 10 minutes of play time or a fun activity. The staff member will explain to the student why he/she is not permitted to participate in the activity.

- Behavior Slip: A behavior slip will be sent home with the student if the behavior is repeated. The parent/guardian must sign the form and return it to academy the next day. The form will only be sent home if the behavior is repeated a second time.

- Final Warning: If the student continues to break the rules after warnings and the note to the parent/guardian, a conference will be arranged with the Academy Director(s) and the parent/guardian to discuss other alternatives to guide the child toward positive behavior.

- Expulsion: If after all alternatives have been exhausted and inappropriate behavior continues, the student will not be permitted to return to the Dream Academy, and any applicable fees are non-refundable.

No student will be subject to physical or corporal punishment, verbal abuse, or threats. No student or group of students will be allowed to discipline another student.

Please sign to acknowledge that you have read and understand the discipline policy.

Program Policies

We encourage you to read each of the following policies and sign below to indicate your understanding.

- I permit my student to participate in activities The Dream Academy conducts outside and inside the church facilities.
- Field Trips/Excursion Practicums: I permit my student to leave The Dream Academy.
- Photography/Videography: I permit The Dream Academy to use images of my student as a program participant in internal and external promotional materials. This includes any printed material, promotional videos, and The Dream Academy website. I understand that my student’s name will not be published.

Accidental Insurance
Participants are responsible for their own accidental insurance while attending The Dream Academy and all activities and field trips associated with the camp (on-site and off-site).

In the event of an emergency and the parent cannot be contacted, Emergency Medical Staff and The Dream Academy Staff may take appropriate action in the best interest of the student.

Please sign to acknowledge that you have read and understand the program policies.

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