Our Impact

Significant Accomplishments 2023

  • 100% High School Graduation Rate and 100% College Placement Rate for the 6th Consecutive Year
  • 100% Promotion rate
  • Over $500K in financial assistance from independent schools
  • All Dreamers entering college received scholarships
  • Over 50 Dreamers completed a two-week swimming program
  • Partnerships with Cary Academy, St. David’s, St. Timothy’s, and other TISC Institutions
  • 6th Summer Enrichment Camp in partnership with Cary Academy
  • College Road Trips

Dream Academy Graduate Updates

  • Class of 2018 – Stanford University graduate and a UNC Charlotte graduate
  • Class of 2020 – One in Pharmacy School and the other in Graduate School respectively
  • Class of 2022 – Two Morehead-Cain Scholars at UNC Chapel Hill

How We Measure Impact

  • Tracking of Academic Progress via report card grades and PSAT, SAT, ACT, and ASVAB scores
  • The number of In and Out of School Suspensions
  • Summer Jobs, Internships, Shadowing Experiences, and Interactions with Professional Mentors
  • Award of a High School diploma
  • Admission into independent school
  • Admission into post-secondary institutions
  • Selection of an academic major and career path
  • Completion of college and career placement or admission into a graduate program

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